To turn a generation of men
Into indentured executioners.
To coax forth death from
poisoned air,
putrid water,
pockmarked earth.
To rip their humanity from their chests
And break them with each bellow
Of gunpowder.
To inflict Hell upon
Wild godless land.
To later pluck their bones
From the graves that they
Were made to dig themselves and
Pile them up neatly in little cells, s
Sorted by the mass grave
In which they were found.
To consecrate the ground into
Which once the cannons fired.

These are our collective sins and sorrows.
This belongs to all of us.

Can you rightfully deify a man who was forced at gunpoint to pull a trigger?
If you condemn an enslaved man to the battlefield, what right do you have to call him a hero?
How can you commit mass slaughter and say it’s for the greater good?
What is worth more than life itself?

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